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7 Great Tips for Social Media Success in 2020

The year 2020 is going to see a variety of experiments in the field of social media marketing. With the ever-expanding reach of the internet, social media channels have become an integral part of our lifestyles.

People use social media platforms to stay connected and satisfy their social instinct. People like to chat, share, respond, and interact on social media channels. This tendency provides great opportunities for the business sector to harness the expanding power of social media for their growth and development.

Considering this scenario, let us take a peep into those social media trends that will dominate 2020.

I) Great video content
People love to watch videos. The tendency to watch, like, share videos is on the surge. According to a survey, online videos will make 82% of the consumer internet traffic by 2022.

Instagram IGTV videos are a great success.
With over 2 billion active users and highly advanced features, Facebook has made great strides in the domain of video streaming.
Peoples’ craze to watch videos on YouTube does not seem to ebb anywhere in 2020.

LIVE streaming of videos is becoming popular. LIVE streaming is used to showcase an event, host a contest, arrange a short webinar, all this is very captivating.

Both long & short videos have proved attractive. Companies are increasingly utilizing video content to boost their business.

II) Engage in storytelling
Ephemeral content is a kind of content that remains visible for a limited period of time. Stories on Snapchat and Instagram which are entertaining hook the audience. These stories are shared among social media communities. Watching such stories is quite fun. Since they remain visible only for 24 hours people are enticed to watch them before they are gone.

Brands have very successfully utilized this storytelling strategy to promote their business. Brands engage customers by running contests, asking them to share images, such kind of stories promoting brands become very popular.

image of ladies wearing lulus wedding party dress on instagram.

These ads have a higher rate of consumer engagement.

With over 500 million daily active story users, Instagram is a rising craze among young adults where they like, share, and post stories.

instagram daily active user graph by statista.
Source Statista
graph displaying stories posted per month according to profile size.
Source Social insider

Research has confirmed that on an average brands are posting fresh story content at a regular interval of approximately 4 days. This speaks volumes about the unprecedented increase in the usage of storytelling format.

III) Social shopping
Social media platforms are increasingly being used for shopping. Customers have confirmed that they are very excited to shop for brands through social media channels.

Brands post interesting content on these channels. Clickable links are provided in the stories, videos, posts that take the viewers directly to the products page from where they can order.

image of madewell shop on Instagram

This is a rising trend. If you wish to succeed on social media you need to integrate social shopping into your social media strategy.

Not only will people enjoy and share your content but would also be motivated to buy your products embedded in your content.

IV) Influence marketing
Micro and Nano influencer marketing will be a rising trend in 2020. Micro-influencers have a limited following among thousands and they function as an influencer among target groups.

When these micro-influencers interact and their experiences about particular products/services, group members feel more confident to buy those products suggested by their peers. This is because those peers (influencers) have actually used them, unlike high rated influencers who try to influence consumer buying decisions only because of their celebrity status.

image showing 3 influencers post on instagram.

In 2020 brands need to effectively utilize the strategy of marketing through micro Influencers. Unlike celebrity endorsement which proves quite costly micro-influencer marketing will prove very successful in niche groups because of close interconnectivity.

V) Customer service
Brands have been utilizing group building strategies for promoting sales. They have very well understood that customers expect brands to listen to them and provide effective customer service. Social media platforms provide a great opportunity for customers to voice their opinions, put forth their demands, give suggestions, etc. Those brands which intently listen to the customers and have an efficient mechanism for customer engagement enjoy high chances of success on social media channels.

image of customer service post on instagram.

It is essential to understand that sales-driven content fails to attract customers unless it has value propositions in it. Who would like to watch pestering ‘BUY ME ADS?’ Customers must feel that the brands they are transacting with have a human side. They must be able to trust.

VI) User-generated content
This is a great strategy to boost customer engagement, drive more traffic, and promote sales. As compared to branded content, social media users like to watch videos, share stories that are posted by the members of the group.

YouTube videos, Instagram stories enjoy great popularity because they are created and shared by the users themselves. Such user-generated content is considered as a more honest review as compared to the scripted brand content.

When users make informative and interesting videos about their product/service experience, brands benefit a lot. Promoting user-generated content gives the brands a chance to showcase their customers’ viewpoints, portray consumers’ thoughts, and illustrate the particular angle from which customers look at particular brands. Such content gains popularity as honest customer reviews.

Brands have also started encouraging their employees to upload videos, share stories about the company’s work culture. This proves very helpful because that particular brand becomes esteemed in customers’ eyes as it showcases its human face.

VII) Track your analytics
Technology is on the high. Businesses need to keep abreast of it.

Social media platforms are incorporating advanced features to purvey greater engagement and entertainment to their users. As a brand, you need to exploit these features to the best of your advantage.

There are several analytical tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Brand24, Buffer, Brandwatch etc. available for brands to check the success of their social media strategy. These tools provide in-depth analysis and gainful insights to guide your social media planning.

Certain factors to keep in mind while choosing a social media marketing tools.
Save your time
Increase brand awareness
Affordable & easy to use

Artificial intelligence is being widely used to gauge consumer behavior in order to chalk out appropriate strategies for harnessing the power of social media channels.

It is extremely essential that you keep creating and posting fresh content on social media. You need to track which posts, videos, stories are building your brand awareness. This knowledge would shape your future social media strategy.

The important angles from which you should harness the power of social media, covered in this blog would prove highly beneficial to build and strengthen your social media presence.


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